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After seeing two beautiful and fun crankies by Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle at the Augusta Heritage in the summer of 2011, and wanting to know more, I started asking around.

I heard from friends that musician and stuntologist Sam Bartlett, whose work I liked a lot, had been making crankies for years with young people up at summer camp in New England. Fun! I met a woman who’d made crankies in the 1970’s in VT with the Bread & Puppet Theatre; Hilary Durlan remembers singing and cranking the ballad The Wife of Ushers Well.

So… you can read a short history of crankies here.


THE CRANKIE FACTORY is a site built by SUE TRUMAN. All you might ever want to know about crankies [moving panoramas, cycloramas, cantastories] can be found here, as well as a wonderful collection of videos and information about other crankie artists – including Anna & Elizabeth and Katherine Fahey.